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Wired for Success? Not Really

Often, if you ask people whether they

want to improve, most will tell you yes. But, if you ask them, are you willing to change, many will say, not really. Why is this?

The short answer comes in two different versions.

One, our mind isn't wired to succeed, it is programmed to protect. It's main function is to help us stay away from pain, trouble, and ultimately, death.

Two, because of this instinctual programming, we tend to avoid those things that don't feel good, or worse, make us feel uncomfortable. In other words, we seek to be safe and thus stick with what we know, is comfortable, and to a great extent, that we can have a good to high level of certainty about.

This programming is powerful. In fact, research shows that positive and negative information of equal effect do NOT hold equal importance in our mind. In fact, the ratio is 3 to 1!. This means that for every piece of bad news or a negative experience, we need at least three positive pieces of news or experiences to offset the bad news or negative experiences. You may have heard the saying.."It's easier said than done" or the question, "Why is it easy to go from a good mood to a bad one, but not a bad one from a good one" Well, expression explained and question answered.

So, what does this mean? For starters, we really need to be aware of this instinct and the results it provides, both good and bad. From a basic level of survival and the ability to stay away from those things that can cause us pain, this instinct is very useful. But, if negative emotions are created about things that really, aren't harmful, but maybe unfamiliar to us, this instinct, left alone, can be detrimental to our emotional and physical health as well as our intellectual growth and overall progress we make in our life,

In our next article we will discuss 3 signs (called the Triangle of Trouble) that will identify for you that indeed, you are falling prey to and holding yourself back because of this instinct. Until then, look for ways to find gratitude, feel abundant and stay positive,

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With Gratitude,

Coach Dennis

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