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The 90 Day, Results Based, Life & Business Transformation Partnership

for Leaders, Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Dennis J. Giannetti, MS
  • Beyond the Mastermind Creator
  • Strategic Business Transformation Coach
  • Robbins-Madanes Certified Life Coach
  • Ninja Selling Master Instructor
  • Go-Giver Certified Speaker & Trainer
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Your Fight Coach

Hi.  My name is Dennis Giannetti and I will be your Fight Coach.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, in short, we all have a fight within us. And when we find the right one, we stop fighting the wrong ones - with ourselves, others, people we love and even the things that we do.

I understand what it means to fight the wrong fight.  I spent a good part of my life doing so. But after working through those fights and learning the life is about winning and learning (not losing), I have created a system of coaching that can help people GROW through these experiences and not just GO through them.

Your Fight Coach - Dennis

Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

George Bernard Shaw

  • Breakthrough  Business Coaching

  • Divorce Prevention and Relationship Coaching

  • Mediation & Conflict Resolution

  • Human Needs Psychology 

The Life Camp Experience 
Tony Robbins using Strategic Intervention

Put some fire in your fight.

Dennis Talks about
Breakthrough Sales Performance
Fight Club

Customized Coaching Services

Peak Performance Success

& Accountability Coaching

Increase Performance - Get Better Results - Make a an Impact
Dennis has served as a Peak Performance Coach & Business Strategist since 1995.
In that time, he has found that success in business and life isn't simply grounded in what we know, but whether we do what we know,
Most people don't allow themselves to move ahead in life because of the mental and emotional  inter-FEAR-ence we create based on our innate need to survive and protect ourselves from pain and suffering.
Find Your Fight Success Coaching removes and replaces this Inter-FEAR-ence by taking our natural impulse to Protect and redirect it into Progress 
As Author and Creator of the Find Your Fight Peak Performance Coaching System, Coach Dennis will use the proven A.M.P.E.D Process to create the Progress you need to Bridge the Gap to Greatness in your Business or Life. 
Within 90 days you will create, practice or find results through:
  • Accountability
  • Momentum
  • Performance Improvement
  • Energy & Emotional Fitness
  • Direction & Improved Decisions
The bottom line?  If you want to increase your performance in business, your health, your relationships, or your life, you have to be willing to.
Click on the "Strategy Session" button for a complimentary session.

Divorce Prevention

& Relationship Coaching

One of the biggest mistakes couples can run into when in working on their relationship with assistance is having every session together at the same time.  Working together is important, but without taking the time to work with each person individually, often efforts are less successful.
"We tend to compete with each other when we expect to complete each other"
We cannot give what we do not have and when we have a problem with each other, one of the last ways to resolve that problem is to simply hire somebody to be a "referee" to judge your fights.
For any relationship to work, we have to do the work--with ourselves and with each other. This means understanding:
  • How relationships evolve and tend to change and fall apart over time
  • How our happiness has less to do with what the other person is doing and more to do with how we are choosing to grow and contribute in that relationship
  • Understanding how we communicate and learning how to communicate with our partner (and others) more effectively.  
Relationships take many forms and familiarity over time.  Most of that time, the shape a relationship takes is relative to the place we are in as an individual.
Together we can EVOLVE as two individuals sharing a life or REVOLVE around the past, our need to blame and dealing with our own need to be right, and, never quite feeling like we are enough.
We may or may not chose to stay in a relationship we have as it is, but we can choose to improve the one we have, with our-self, and those whom we love.  
Contact Dennis for a complimentary "Relationship Session."
Happy Clients

Life Coaching

Strategic Life Coaching
We all have challenges in life. Research has shown that many of our challenges begin with 2 Fears and 3 Emotional Triggers that hold us back.
The two fears include:
  1. Not feeling worth of love and connection
  2. Not feeling enough.
And the 3 Emotional Triggers tend to be:
  1. Impatience
  2. Overwhelm
  3. Rationalization
The bad news is, that many of us have been living with and reinforcing these fears and behaviors throughout our life.  
The good news is, with the right questions and a proven approach, we can not only change, but literally improve almost any area of our life within a 90 day period of time.
Using Human Needs Psychology, Emotional & Social intelligence, Neuro-Associative Conditioning and positive and practical approaches to life management, our strategic approach to  life coaching provides you with a positive path towards personal improvement.
We will customize a six session, 90 day plan that will help you identify your challenges, create a plan of action and bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.
Strategic Intervention Coaching works for:
  • Stress 
  • Time Management
  • Negativity
  • Direction
  • How we see ourselves
  • Fear management
  • Relationships
For a complimentary session, click the "Life Coaching Session" button.

Happy Clients

Rhea McLean

Realtor, Lang Realty

I have had several coaching sessions with Dennis and I am a true believer!  I can say without a doubt that after coaching, I was able to see significant results in my business and my life!  He is the most positive and inspirational person I can think of, period!

Mike Carter

Co-Owner of Coldwell Banker Legacy

For all my real estate company owner friends from coast to coast, I can recommend Dennis Giannetti as a great motivational key note speaker.  He spoke at Legacy Day for the second year in a row to rave reviews from he agents; did the opening session, breakouts, plus a coaching session & management consulting the next day.  You really get your money's worth with this guy!

Ryan Brady

Fitness and Finance Entrepreneur

Coaching with Dennis has helped me remove some of the barriers that I have used to hold me back for years.  I now feel ready to let go of the story that has held me back, find my true fight and create a blueprint that will take my life and relationships to where I always wanted them to be.


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Find Your Fire. Find Your Fight.

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